Friday, May 29, 2009

Hand painted cakes

So I received an e-mail today from a friend with all of these gorgeous cakes. Most of them done in fondant, some buttercream, but my favorite was one I saw with a sugarpaste. This cake had been handpainted, and it was truely exquisite! This,now this is something I want to do! I've always thought I was pretty artistic (not trying to come off conceited in any way, though), and I know this could be something I can do. I love to paint too; I haven't had much practice with painting but could work on that. Here are just a few examples of some hand painted cakes, my favorite one (the one in the e-mail I received today) is the last. I would just love to learn how to do this!!! :)

Here it is, the masterpiece of them all! Love it!!!


ACDC2005 said...

Wow those are gorgeous! I think you could do it too! You seem very creative with the cake making for sure! :)

Shankar said...

As good as they look, this is not a post to read after stuffing one's face at dinner. Take me to the alka seltzer.

hoLLy said...

wow, i've never seen those kind of cakes. and heck yeah, you could do it. you are very artistic, almost as artistic as your big sister :) haha j/k