Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

January 27, 2008

Our beloved prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley has passed away today (at 7:00 pm) at the age of 97. He led The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for twelve years; and how blessed we were to be led by such a man. President Hinckley, you will be sorely missed. I know there are some very special people who have been waiting ever so patiently to see you again. We love you!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My color is Red, what is yours?

Take this test!
Your color is red, the color of racy sportscars, blushing cheeks, and luscious roses. Red symbolizes passion, romance, and love. So, since you're ruled by red, you probably trust your feelings more than your brain and tend to act spontaneously. If you see something you want, you go for it without thinking twice — impulsive is your middle name. You don't wait around for people to make decisions, either; you dive right in. Quite the romantic, you pay close attention to your emotions. In fact, if your heart isn't in what you're doing, you won't be satisfied. Of course, even when you do pour all your energy into the projects you tackle, your impetuous nature means your passions can shift as frequently as the wind. That's why some reds have trouble with commitment. Our advice? Next time you're feeling fickle, think before you act, if possible. You might be surprised at the results. Overall, though, it's great to be red. No one lives life more completely than you do.

I thought I'd give the color test a shot. It's interesting! Thanks Melissa for the idea.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Hey, I should be on a Nutrisystem commercial!!!

Alright, so for the past week and a half, I have embarked on a journey. A journey of magnificent proportions- to get off my fat butt and lose some freakin' weight already. After much deliberation, I called Nutrisystem and that is that. So far, I've lost 6 pounds, which is exciting. It's those first few pounds that really get you pumped and keep the motivation going. All those cravings I had last week have started to subside and I'm moving full-speed ahead. I can't say this is the first time I've tried to lose weight since moving up here, so some of you may be skeptical. Heck, I question myself sometimes, but I paid a lot of money for this one, and I'll be darned if it goes to waste. Look out y'all because I'm gonna be one sexy mama!!!
This is some of the food, oh yes, there's plenty more.


This is how I felt all last week after consuming each
miniature meal. I thought I was going to die; that's
not the case anymore, if you were wondering.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Happy 16th Birthday!

Today is my brother, Austin's, birthday. So I just want to give a shout out to the birthday boy to wish him the very best. Happy Birthday!!! I can't believe it's been sixteen years already, time has flown by so fast and you're getting so grown up. You're a good kid, Austin and I love you so much. You've done so awesome in school and sports these past years, congratulations smarty pants! I'll be sending you something in the mail real soon, okay. Love you, Tara

Workin' Like a Dog

Starting a new job is tough. You have so much to learn in the beginning, and your co-workers and complete strangers to you. It's funny thinking back on this now-how I felt when I started working for the credit union. Over a very short period of time, my co-workers had become my best friends and a second family to me. I'm soooo lucky to be able to work with all of them on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I enjoy my job; the atmosphere is very laid back, as you can see in this first picture. Jaylie was in the drive thru when I was taking pictures, so she doesn't have a photo to display. Sorry Jaylie, I'll post a picture of you soon. :)

This is how we spend our days, Myspace and
Girl Scout cookies. Yummmmm

Rachel and I

Rodney (most of all the pranks I do at work are
directed at him) He's a trooper! Thanks for making
me laugh everyday!!!

Me and Chelsea

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Christmas 2007

Okay I know this is a little delayed, but I thought I'd go ahead and post these as well. I lucked out this past year, and was able to get to spend a whole week back home with the family. I remember the night before I left how anxious I was to get on the road. So when Christmas day finally arrived, I was siked! The trip went well, and I'm just so happy I got to spend at least half of Christmas day with the fam. It just wouldn't have been Christmas without them. I miss all of you already, and can't wait for next year. Who knows, maybe I'll be back in Corpus by then. Here are some of the many pictures that I had taken with my new camera, which was the most awesome gift I received. Thanks Dad and Mom!!! My favorite picture that I've taken has to be this first one of Ella. It's so precious. Love it!

Ella daydreaming. Ah, the feeling of Christmas

The fam and I working on a puzzle. It took us like
two days to finish it. Was it worth it? I'm not sure.

Joey and Ella

I love this picture of Aubrey. This was right before

Don't eat Pete!!!

I don't even know what he was doing here, haha

The baby of the Smith fam, Taylor

My babies

Since I don't have anymore pictures of the girls (Chloe and Maya), I thought I'd put some up. They are just the sweetest puppies! Love em!!!

I'm Baaaaaack!!!

As I'm sure you can see by the pictures, I've done something different with my hair. I thought that with the new year, I'd try something new. At first, I wasn't so sure I liked it, but I'm already getting used to it and loving it. It's a bit darker than I wanted it, but I'm sure within the week the color will fade some. I hope you guys like it! And it's good to be back!!!

This is my personal favorite of the pictures I took
that day.