Friday, October 10, 2014

11 Months Old!

I can't believe you're 11 months old!  You've done so much this past month.  You took your very first steps!!  You still won't take more than a couple of steps at a time, but you'll get the hang of it eventually.  We're so proud of you!  You're going through a biting phase; that's not so fun.  It hurts.  Sometimes a lot, lol.  :)  We still love you, though.  Funny, if I tell you not to bite something, you get angry and just throw it.  Hahahaha  You also started to wave this month, however, I still can't get you to clap.  You prefer to just move your hands up and down rather than together.  Whatever floats your boat, little man.  Whatever floats your boat...;) 
We took a stroll down the Bayfront recently for his birthday photos.  I debated on whether I should wait to post these now or when he was a year old.  But since I took them now, it made sense to post them according to his age in the photographs (at 11 months rather than 12). 
 One of my favs, if not my favorite.  It's just a perfect shot.  

 Very serious, lol.  And though he isn't smiling or even looking at the camera, there's something I like about this picture.  

Oh, that face!  He's just so excited!!

 I can't decide which photo I love more of this set.  They're both so adorable.  

 I was experimenting with different filters, and I just LOVE this one.