Friday, February 28, 2014

Bouncing baby boy!

Just thought I'd post a few pictures of the little dude chillin' in his bouncer with his buddy, Woody, from Toy Story.  ;)

 There's something about this sweet smile of his.  Makes my heart skip a beat.  And I love how he's got his arm around his toy.  Adorable!

Oops, he's sliding out of his bouncer...I don't think he minds, though.  ;)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Three Months Old!

 My sweet handsome dude turned three months!  He's smiling, cooing, giggling, and batting at his toys.  Sometimes he manages to grab ahold of one.  :)  He's growing up sooooo fast!  Unfortunately, he doesn't like to go out very much.  He is super cranky out in public, so we don't go out very often.  Usually, it's just Crew and I that go out together, but the other day Daddy came with us.  It was actually quite manageable; as long as Arthur carried him around the stores, he was rather pleasant.  So, from now on, Daddy is coming shopping with us!  On our last shopping trip, we purchased a new sofa.  I'm embarrassed to admit it, but this is the first sofa we've purchased.  For several years, I'd only been using a hand-me down futon that my mother had given to me when I'd first moved away.  It was high time I replaced it, plus I didn't want Crew bumping his head on the wooden arms (though I do plan on just moving it into the computer room as a spare "bed").  It comes in on the 26th.  I'm definitely going to post pictures, though I'm sure no one cares about the sofa but me.  Hahaha  Hey, it's a big deal for me, and I'll celebrate it if I want to.  :)  So, happy three months to Crew, and yay for a new sofa!!!

 He cracks me up with his faces sometimes!

He had had just about enough photo taking for the afternoon.  Lol

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tummy Time!

This isn't Crew's first experience with tummy time, and though he usually lifts his head while doing mini push-ups, today he thought he'd lift his legs instead.  Silly guy! Seriously, that's really all he did until he got tired.  That's when he decided he'd try to take a nap.  So cute!  ...until he got angry.


 "Okay Mom, this is getting lame."

 "I'm just going to nap right here, I think."

"Baby angry!"

Friday, February 7, 2014

Twelve Weeks Old

I recently purchased my little guy a new winter hat.  This is probably something I should have done before it got cold, but hey, better late than never.  Plus, he does have other hats, just not as freaking adorable as this one.  :)  I'm going to also throw in a couple of other pictures, just because I can.  ;)

 My favorite!

 This one makes me laugh

 Daddy bought him Woody from Toy Story.  So cute!  You can clearly see how much he adores it...okay maybe not so much.  One day he'll actually enjoy toys, but for now he just stares and drools.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Throw Back Thursday!

 Found these little gems while going through photos on Arthur's camera.  I can't say I remember seeing these since I took them years ago.  Good times, good times...

 I must've had a booger hanging out of my nose or something.

 It's still there, I see.

 Whatever Cali was doing, she was really into it, lol!  :P

 Interesting chair Ammon found.  Can't say it looks all that comfy, though.

 Aubrey and I being...well, Aubrey and I

 The kiddos and I!  :)

I love this picture of Ammon and me!  I can't believe how quickly these kids have grown.  Bittersweet. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

My baby has graduated!

...from his bassinet and into his crib.  I'm happy he's in his room now (and glad to have my room back), but it's kind of sad not having him there to check on through the night.  Well, I still check on him, but I have to walk a bit further to do it.  Ha!  He's growing tooooooo fast!  He's finally beginning to grow out of his "fussy phase", which is a relief.  And he's doing great sleeping at night.  He typically sleeps anywhere from 6-8 hours straight, eats, then goes right back to bed for at least another 3-4.  He used to put up such a fuss going down for the night, but now he goes to bed without hardly making a peep.  Now when he gets put to bed around 8 pm, he's out all night and I get to party.  When I say party, I mean that I can eat food, take a shower, and lay down on the sofa.  That's my idea of "fun" these days.  Oh the joys of motherhood...but boy do I love him! 
 Awwwww, he looks like a little candy cane (or a big one, depending on how you look at it)!

 Look at how happy he is!  Such a big boy!!!  :)

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday!

It's really too bad the super bowl was kinda lame this year, since Crew was all decked out and ready to celebrate.  :)  Go Seahawks!!

Love my little football!