Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plastic Surgery?

So, I've been playing with the idea of possibly getting my nose done. A nose job, I mean. Yeah, yeah, my nose gives me character, whatev. I'm just thinking about it for now. Nothing serious. I found this site online that allows you to morph your face (see what you'd look like with a few changes). What do you think? In this first photo, I actually got a little carried away and also filled in my lips a bit and removed my double chin (mostly). he he

Here's the side profile where I did more than just my nose.

This one I'm adding way later than I originally posted this post. I was just playing with this photo to see how I'd look in it. I just can't help it!!! And of course, since I like this one, I just added it on, again.

This one was a bit more difficult, but I just did my nose here. I really like it! Just a subtle change, not too drastic. That's all I'm looking for.

This one is my favorite. I LOVE it!!!

This is the third time I've added to this post. I keep finding new photos I want to morph. This is one of my favorites. Now for the fun before and afters. Below are some that I had fun with. I definitely do not want to look like any of these photos.

Too narrow

Too smushed

Monday, April 28, 2008

Road to Recovery

Okay now, since I've started fostering Howie and Tucker they've had very upset stomachs. Which means, there have been lots of yucky and scary messes to go along with it. Not pleasant! And I won't go into details; you're welcome. I had called the rescue organization (middle of last week) to ask them about it and to find a solution to their problems, only for them to tell me that I was probably overfeeding them and needed to feed less and dilute their formula a little as well. Apparently, alot of people overfeed their kittens. So, I did as they suggested and still after a couple of days, no change. It was frustrating and those kittens didn't like it when bottle time was cut short. They also weren't gaining weight during those couple of days either. They're both underweight for their age right now. So, against the advice they had given me, I started feeding them more, like I had been in the beginning, and though things haven't changed for their little tummies, they are putting on more weight as they should. I spoke with the rescue group again today, going into detail what exactly the problem was and how I had ruled out the possibility of overfeeding as the cause. She agreed with me and after lots of questions, has determined that they have a bacterial infection, called Coccidia. Yesterday, I had been looking online trying to get some answers, and this was the one thing that stood out to me, Coccidia. I had a feeling that was it, and sure enough, it looks like it is afterall. Fortunately, it's treatable and not contagious to humans or adult dogs. She's sending antibiotics today and I should have them tomorrow. It'll probably be another week or longer until they're all better and feeling like themselves again. I hope they get to feeling better real soon. I'll post some pictures for your enjoyment.

Howie isn't exactly photogenic, and the fact that I took this one after bath time doesn't help, I know. This was just too hilarious not to post. He was crying through the whole bath. He did not like this one bit! And fyi, he is a very cute kitten, but it just is hard to show in pictures. I'll try real hard to take a really good one of him soon. :) Sorry Howzas!

Here's Tucker's bath photo. This is his worst picture to date.

Here's Tucker giving my hand a smooch. Thanks Tuck!

Howie snuggling up beside me. He was still a little chilled from his bath here.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pictures of my Fur-Babies

Here are the pictures of my little ones. I started with a litter of four, but now I've got just two. The little black and white one had lost it's appetite and was very skinny. I worried about him, and ended up returning him to the "professionals" in case he didn't make it. I don't think I could have handled losing one while they were in my care. So, he went back to the rescue organization where he could be monitored closely, and I also gave up another one of his siblings (the only little girl in the group) to keep him company. Though she was my favorite little one, I knew it was best because of how bonded the two are. I couldn't dare separate the two of them.

Here's the entire litter as I first received them. Full of food, these guys are sleepy, sleepy!

This was my sweet little girl. She was the most calm and relaxed of the bunch. While the others cried and threw fits, she would roll over on her back and chill. I miss this one so much.

This is one of the keepers, his name is Howie. He's the mellow one of the two, unless he's hungry. If he's hungry, look out, he'll take a finger off. After he's good and fed, he's one content little man.

Here is my baby, Tucker with my friend Chelsea. He's a total cry baby! Even after I've fed him his bottle, he cries for attention. If I don't give him "play" time, he's not a happy camper. He loves to be held, loves to be pet, and purrs constantly. He's just a lovable little guy. He loves to look at faces. Look at how mesmorized he is with her face!

You can see his face better here. The flash from the camera tends to make their eyes look cloudy. It's just the pictures, though.

He made me hold him, only to fall sound asleep in my hands, purring the whole time. He was also doing his "happy feet" while he dozed off into LaLa Land.

Little Howie still had a bit of a milk mustache goin for him here. I've let them out a few times to explore, even though they're still very young (only 3 1/2 weeks old), and Howie is NOT comfortable with it. No way! He's very nervous and prefers to stay at my side. Tucker, however, is the complete opposite.

I had to post this picture. He looks so pathetic yet cute all at the same time. Tucker was a little upset and hungry when this photo was taken. He was crying and crying loud. Poor little Tuck!

Monday, April 21, 2008

When you can't buy, borrow!

So we've decided, NO MORE PETS! Hi, my name is Tara, and I'm addicted to animals. Ah, I just can't help myself. Little critters are just so dang cute! I recently signed up to work with North Texas Cat Rescue as a foster parent for little orphaned kittens. Basically I bottle feed them and love them until they're 8 weeks old and able to be adopted out. I've really been looking forward to it these past few weeks. And I finally get my little kittens this evening. I'd originally said I'd take 2, maybe 3 little ones, but I'm getting stuck with 4 little babies (3 weeks old). If they had been newborn, there's no way at all I would've been able to take them. I would've been feeding like every 2-3 hours, which means by the time I finished feeding the fourth, it would be time to feed all over again pretty much. Anyways, for all you non-animal lovers, this post is probably boring you. But, I'm excited about it, and couldn't wait to share the good news. I'll be posting pictures soon. :)


My dad just sent me a link to this fun little website where you (or really your children) can have fun creating your own "wild self". I'm still a kid at heart, so this was fun for me to do, and I know for a fact I'll do a couple more. I tend to get a little bored here at work, especially if I'm working the drive-thru. Plus, there's no one to talk to back here in The Hole. I couldn't figure out how to get this picture bigger, but you get the idea. :) Have fun!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why this photo?

Here's a shot from the actual surveillance camera taken from the robbery this past Monday morning. They had this published in the newspaper yesterday. As you can see, he was armed; I don't know why they chose this shot to publish in the paper, though. I know this is hard to see for some of the employees here. This moment caught on tape is especially difficult for the teller behind the suspect. You see, the man forced to the ground with the gun at his head was the teller's son coming to drop off her car keys. He'd just stopped in for a second, when the armed robber stormed in. What I don't understand is why they chose that photo to publish, when the suspect removed his mask as he walked out. I know for a fact that there is a clear shot of his face that should have been published in the paper over this one. The police investigators and news media are supposedly asking for help from the public in identifying this suspect, however, they put the worst picture possible up. You can't see even part of his face. It just doesn't make any sense!!! And we aren't too happy about it over here.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Money hungry

Monday morning my co-workers got quite the shock when they were held up. I was supposed to be there, but I wasn't feeling well that morning and called in early to let them know I'd be in later that day. As I was getting ready for work, that's when I got the phone call of the morning's series of events. I'm not able to go into detail of what happened, but I can say that we were robbed. I'm glad I wasn't there, but kinda jealous that I missed all the action (no one was hurt). It was a strange day, I can say that much. We were all a little shaken, even those who were not present, but I'm glad every one of my co-workers are safe. When I finally made it to work (after all the detectives and police officers were done with questioning), my co-workers teased me by saying that it was a good thing I wasn't there; they said I probably would have just provoked him. I don't think that's true, though. They silly! Thinking about it, I probably would've run away, screaming.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bandits in the Night

We have the fortunate experience of getting close up and personal with some of our furry neighborhood friends. We have the most beautiful family of raccoons that live nearby, who usually grace us with their presence around 9pm these days. This particular raccoon, however, was not a regular that I've seen. Her color is much darker than the others, and she didn't budge when we made any sound or came closer for a picture (which leads me to believe this raccoon could actually be very sick). Arthur and I always get a kick out of watching our little friends steal the cat food that our neighbors have left out for all the stray cats. They're always very careful and cautious when stepping into the lit stairwell. Always alert and with their heads always up scanning the premises, they feel for the food in front of them to stuff into their faces. I wish I had this on video. It's adorable! Here are a few pictures of this lone raccoon we saw this evening. Whenever I see our regulars, I'll have to post pictures of them, too.


Hand in the food bowl

Walking away