Friday, April 11, 2014

Mommy and Me

 Just wanted to post a few pictures of me and my boy.  I don't think I take enough pictures of the two of us, so I'm glad I did this. 

 Disappointed that this one came out blurry, because it's one of my favs.  I still love it though.

 I don't know what happened here, lol.  I didn't realize I had a crazed look in my eyes until I reviewed the playback.  Yikers!
I don't remember doing this either. 
He was tired of pictures...or my face.  You can only stand to look at such beauty for so long, afterall.  My beauty is a gift.  You're welcome.  (Just kiddin')

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Five Months Old!

Another month has come and gone.  Crew's new thing lately is grabbing his toes; it's pretty stinkin' cute!  And of course this month he has learned how to roll over front to back, and he's trying very hard to roll from back to front.  He's so much better at grabbing and holding onto things, especially mommy's hair.  Ouch!  He's getting so great at sitting up (supported), as well; he doesn't wobble all that much anymore while in the Bumbo chair or jumperoo.  One more month, and we'll try out some solid food!  Can't believe it's been five months.  :(  Just the other day I was thinking to myself how much I miss him being a newborn.  And then remembering that at that time, I couldn't wait for him to get a bit older (not gonna lie- it was rough in the beginning).  All stages have their ups and downs it seems.  Happy five months, my little boy!  Mommy loves you!  And of course, just a few photos to celebrate the new month.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Baby in Bumbo


 So serious

 Strike a pose and vogue!

 I just love it when he giggles behind his hands

 His super excited face (I am one funny mama apparently ;))

 What's that?  You say only a sweet baby can make drool cute?  I think not!  Stay tuned for a picture of what I look like first thing in the morning.  Just kidding; you'll thank me later.

Monday, March 31, 2014


 We recently spent the weekend over at my sister's home, where we celebrated Joey's birthday, visited, and had so much fun together (Medieval Times, roasting hot dogs and smores, plus a wicked dance party).   It was nice to get away, even if just for a short time.  Surprisingly, the baby did great in the car.  Considering that it was a good eight plus hours driving, he was pretty much an angel.  Very unexpected, indeed.  :)  I miss my family already; it's always the worst having to say goodbyes.  I really wished they lived closer.  While there, Crew got to play with lots of the kids toys from when they were little.  One of these toys was a jumperoo (the same one, in fact)!  He really seemed to enjoy it, though he's still pretty little.  I looked and looked at different ones upon getting home from my sister's, but the reviews had this one pegged as the favorite.  So...I had to get it; plus, it matches his jungle themed decor in his room.  Sorry Holly, but you have excellent taste.  :)  Here are some pics I took of him earlier today in it.  I just think they're precious. 

Life just doesn't get much sweeter than this.  I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful little boy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

The (little) Man Chair

I'm going to just tell you right now, pretty much every post of mine from now on will be about my son.  There it is.  :)  So, in keeping with the pattern of posting baby pictures, here is more Crew...hanging out with Daddy, in his crib, and in his "man" chair.  ;)
 This picture, as adorable as it is, breaks my heart.  So sad!  :(  I was talking to him and trying to get him to look at the camera (making silly faces and noises), and somehow I upset him.  Oopsies. 
 Crew and Daddy watching Spongebob

 And these photos just crack me up.  He is just so chill in them, and I didn't place his arm over the side of the little kiddie chair either.  He came up with this pose all on his own.  Ha!
And, the outlet on the wall is much further away than it appears, lol.  He cannot reach it (and they will soon be baby-proofed)!  Oh, the things to look forward to when this kid becomes mobile. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Four Months Old

 Just wanted to post a few photos since he's turned 4 months.  Each month brings little surprises; I can't wait to see what he learns next.  We finally got a giggle out of him last month, he's getting great at grabbing objects, and he holds his head up like a pro...well, it wobbles just a bit.  ;)  He's growing so fast!  Slow down little buddy!!!!!  Enjoy the adorable pictures.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Bouncing baby boy!

Just thought I'd post a few pictures of the little dude chillin' in his bouncer with his buddy, Woody, from Toy Story.  ;)

 There's something about this sweet smile of his.  Makes my heart skip a beat.  And I love how he's got his arm around his toy.  Adorable!

Oops, he's sliding out of his bouncer...I don't think he minds, though.  ;)