Monday, April 15, 2013

Goodbye Charlie boy

It is with great sorrow and sadness that we say goodbye to our beloved prairie dog, Charlie.  I know I'm a little delayed in posting this (posting anything really), but I wanted to say goodbye here on my blog as well.  He's gone all too soon, as we only had him for just a little over 4 years.  Odontoma (a common and deadly disease with prairie dogs) took him from us in April; we'll never forget him.  He was a grumpy little thing, but had luckily mellowed out with time.  He became my little buddy, though he wouldn't let any strangers near him without becoming extrememly agressive.  Arthur and I both cherish him and the memories we shared.  We knew the time was getting near; we had received the diagnosis six months prior, and it was not an easy thing to hear.  But he's in a better place, and no longer in pain.  It had always pained me that he never got to live a full life out in the wild.  He would stand at the silding glass door at our first apartment and just stare out the window; it broke my heart that he'd never be out there to enjoy it.  I do believe he's running free and happy now.  My sweet Charlie boy, I miss you.  I hope that I will get to see you again in the next life.