Saturday, June 8, 2013

Say hello to the Mrs.!

That's right folks, I'm now a married woman!  I love referring to my dear sweet Arthur as my husband now.  It will take some getting used to; the other day it took me back when I heard him call me his wife.  It's still so new to us.  But I've never been happier!  I love my Arthur so very much.  Below are just a handful of photos (my favorites) from our wedding day, courtesy of  Erica Sanchez.  She did such a fabulous job.  Thanks again Erica and Orlando for taking time out of your day to be there for ours. 

 My father and I

 My family with Arthur and I.  I would post one with his family, except we never got around to getting that picture. 

 Time to cut the cake!

 My closest pals- I LOVE these gals!

The beautiful cake, courtesy of Janet's Cakery (CC, TX).  It was exactly what I wanted!

 And yes, that's a very excited me.  "We did it!"  I was really thinking, "There's no going back now, Sucka!"  :)