Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pet Peeves

Today as I was browsing along in Petsmart trying to find a new collar for Maya, I came across these cute stuffed animals I couldn't resist. They're called Pet Peeves; if dogs could talk, these are definitely some things I would be hearing from the both of them. Notice the hand gestures of these little guys, they're so cute! Maya's getting groomed right now, so she hasn't gotten her toy yet, but Chloe loves hers already. New toys are always fun.

"You get in the dog crate!"
I picked this one out for Maya because it suits her perfectly. If she had hands and could hold onto the sides of her crate to avoid being put in there, she would do just that. She won't go in there for anything; the crate is not her friend.

"It's the same food everyday!"
Yes, sorry Chloe, but it's better for you this way. I made the mistake of giving her "people" food a while back, and I won't go into specifics, but it wasn't pretty. Her tummy must've been hurtin'. So yep, she does get the same food EVERYDAY.

Here's Chloe enjoying her new toy. What a sweetie!!!


hoLLy said...

those are cute little critters. i should buy some for my kids.

hoLLy said...

"Get in the crate Cali!"