Sunday, February 3, 2008

NY Giants win Super Bown XLII

I am happy to announce that the NY Giants have won the Super Bowl. Though my car is in pieces, I'm am truly ecstatic at this moment(though this feeling may be short-lived). I just love those Manning boys; I think it's great that Peyton's little brother gets to celebrate his victory tonight. Way to go, Giants! What a game!!!


hoLLy said...

i wouldn't have known who won if i hadn't looked at blogs today:) we are so not football people over here.

Shankar said...

I was pretty pleased, too. Not because the Giants won, but because those stinkin' cheatin' Patriots lost. Justice caught up with them in the end.

swainsRus said...

Yes, I agree with Shankar! I love how Baby Brady went home early~ guess he is really good at leaving when things get tough! I guess Giselle had to change his diaper...or maybe she needed to milk his third nipple for his late night feeding! It was a good game!