Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day at the Salon

Well, Maya survived the groomer's visit. Yay! I had this awesome $10 off coupon for any grooming visit at Petsmart, so I took advantage of that today. Those Entertainment Passbooks are awesome; I'm buying one every year from now on. Poor little girl was holding her pee since this morning and couldn't wait till we got out of the store. Clean-up on aisle 4!!! But of course, nothing a few paper towels and the "Cuidado, Piso Mojado" sign couldn't fix. She looks sooooo much better now, better than she's ever looked really. Don't be fooled by her cuteness, though, she's a terror. lol

I had the camera zoomed in too far, that's why this picture is a little blurry. Oops!

I just love this picture of her. She looks so innocent and angelic. I know that's not really the case though. She's a mischevious little thing...

After a long afternoon at the groomer's, she deserved a snack.

It's funny how a simple hair-cut can make her look like a puppy again. I mean, she is just 3 pounds, but her scraggly hair-do was making her look older. It's good to be beautiful again, right Maya?!?


hoLLy said...

you bought an entertainment book?!!! from who? (sneer) didn't you get my email about aubrey selling them a few months back? thanks for supporting someone elses school punk!

lol. anyways, maya looks purrfect. oh wait, thats what cats say, not dogs. darnit. um, she looks barkalicious? i'm in a weird mood obviously. i just had 3 chocolate chip cookies and 2 chocolate no bake cookies and last night a piece of chocolate raspberry cheesecake, 2 brownies, a rice krispie treat, a muffin, and a cookie. i'm a little hopped up on sugar. but, in all seriousness, maya is precious and looks great with her new do. i love the bow!

Tara D said...

I actually bought the entertainment book at work (yeah, we were selling them too), but I only got it because I needed a coupon for some flowers that I was having delivered for a friend. I kinda needed it then, sorry Aubrey. I hope you'll forgive me. lol Thanky for the compliment, I'll let Maya know you like it. :)

hoLLy said...

uh huuuuh. riiiight. if you had bought the entertainment book before when you SHOULD have, then you wouldn't have been in such a sticky situation and had to buy it spur of the moment. you woulda had it in yo back pocket:) lol. i honestly really don't care. aubrey's school has plenty of money and i hate fundraisers! i despise them actually and haven't had her do any. i only sent that email about the entertainment books because thats the only good fundraiser in my opinion. we like those books. anyways, i'm just havin fun being mean to you. hee heeeeee. enjoy your entertainment book.

Hirschi Family said...

I was going to comment on how cute Maya looked but now after reading yours and Holly's comments I just wanna say that you two haven't changed. I guess as the big sister Holly will always be able to guilt you. JK I sure do miss you guys. Wish I could come down there and have a sleep over again. But this time somebody else has to be in the middle!