Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Awesome Camel Spider!!!

Okay, so today my co-worker, Rodney, and I were talking about weird looking creatures and such after an e-mail he'd received about this funny looking mole rat. Then he asked if I'd ever seen the Camel Spider, to which I replied "no". He pulled up some information on the internet to show me how enormous they are, picture and all, and went on to tell me how they run up to 30 mph, they scream, burrow into camels' chests to stay cool from the hot desert sun. He was so serious, it was hilarious! I didn't believe it for a second-I mean, wouldn't everyone know about such creatures if they did in fact exist??? If you look at the picture closely enough, you can tell that whoever took the picture held it close up to the lens to make the spider look bigger. They are real, but none of those myths (that he believed) were true. We found an accredible website with all the correct information on them. They are big, but more like six inches, not 4 feet. Needless to say, he was a bit disappointed when I was able to prove him wrong. Poor little fella. Below is the picture he showed me when he was trying to prove their existence.
Being the prankster that I am, I couldn't help but create a few photos of my own. btw, the Milky Way bar was the only thing I had on hand while at work today.

He was looking at the guy's leg in the background and comparing the spider to him. If you look to the right, you can see the other guy's shirt sleeve and part of his hand.

My model's name is Jaylie. Great pose girlfriend!!!

"That candy bar is freakin' huge!"

We were both laughing so hard taking these shots. I almost peed my pants!
Rodney was in denial at first. He just couldn't believe that he had been duped. That's what prompted these photos to begin with. To show him how easy it is to make things look larger than they really are. ha ha, thanks for the laugh, Rod!


Joey Duenas said...

Ok Tara, so this post was freaking hilarious! Thanks for the laugh. You are very creative.

hoLLy said...

this is your best post yet tara! joey and i were laughing:) and man oh man, does that jaylie knows how to work it or what?! :) nice visual effects tara, nice. poor poor rodney.

Anonymous said...

LOL... In my own defense there was another picture that I saw on the internet that shows this large desert beast. It's kinda like those Alaskan Snow Crabs, most of them are avg size but there is always that freakishly large one. Im still a believer in my camel spiders since no one else will. But for the record, that was was a great joke made at my expense.. Your misunderstood buddy and co-worker Rodney.

Tara D said...

Tell me what your brother says when you have to break the news to him. LOL Thanks for the compliment; and yes, toast is spelled T-O-A-S-T. LOL

Hirschi Family said...

TARA, Love this post. Peter actually came in contact with a few of these "gigantic beasts" while he served in Iraq. He sad they were really stupid, slow, and dumb. One time for fun a bunch of the guys in his barracks put one of these camel spiders and a mouse they found in a bucket together to see what would happen. Talk about bored! So yeah the rumors aren't true but they are scary and it killed the mouse pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

heeeyyy! dixon and i were just admiring your lovely blogspot! haha. this post needed another comment because it is just so freaking hilarious!!! haha. work is amazing! i LOOOOVE it! <3

so sorry i had to leave you today.. but at least im not dead.

Love you<3

Tara D said...

Hey you! Yeah, glad you're not dead, that would suck! lol
<3 you too
p.s. ya know, your heart symbol has always reminded me of a butt! ha ha

Anonymous said...

i butt you

Tara D said...

Butt you too!!!