Monday, June 29, 2009


So I decided to help someone out (this someone is trying to help out a neighbor) by taking in a couple of very feral kittens. When I say very, I mean very. These kittens were downright mean, lol. But I'm almost just about finished with these two girls, one is now is the sweetest baby, the other is still a little shy but loves to be pet (she's a little purr box, too). Originally I had four of them, but it was taking a lot of time having to work on one individually, so they took the two boys back to work with them. They were at least 8 weeks old; an 8 week old kitten is really difficult to tame, btw. So, I've had to separate them from eachother in order to do this. I'm guessing they'll be ready for adoption by this weekend. I just really hate seeing feral kittens- knowing that they could be loved indoors by a family and never have to worry about anything again. Did you know that Kittico (based out of Dallas) will help you trap feral cats/kittens, spay/neuter them, and administer a rabies vaccine free of charge? Feral adult cats are usually re-released into colonies they came from, as they're pretty impossible to tame. I think it's pretty wonderful that this person I'm helping is doing this for the babies. She really cares about them, and how could I not help out a little by making them "adoptable".
This is Asheira. She's the one that's still a little shy. Here she is trying to play with my leg, lol. And oh my, does she love to play! She plays crazy hard!!!! :)
This is the ugly duckling of the bunch, Sabrina- she has a tooth that is out of place and catches on her top lip. I think it gives her character. She has free roam of the apartment now, as she's fully tamed. She can be a bit skittish at times with loud noises, but she'll grow out of it. She loves Charlie the prairie dog, maybe a little too much. Charlie hates her, of course. If you look closely, you can see Charlie (eyes closed in concentration) in this picture with his arm outstretched trying to grab a hold of her. He's so funny, he cracks us up all of the time.

Here you can see how her tooth has her lip caught slightly. She may be ugly, but she's my little sweetie!


hoLLy said...

i love the pic of charlie trying to grab her through the that is seriously hilarious.

Tonya said...

You are amazing... I found myself singing... "OH Oh she talks to the animals... walks with the animals...

I wish you would come tame my neighbor's wild crazy cat who thinks my property is his grasslands. He kills the wild animals and leaves their remains for me, rips up my outdoor furniture and marks his claws in all of my trees.

Any suggestions doctor.

You are amazing.

Patty said...

That is nice that you were able to tame them. Good job!!