Monday, June 8, 2009

Maya's 2nd Birthday!

We didn't do anything extravagant this year. Just a little birthday song, a new toy, and snacks. Yay!!! I can now say that she's no longer a puppy, she's a full-grown lady. And what a beautiful lady she is, too (her hair could have used a little more TLC before the picture taking). :)
Here she is waiting for her snack and toy.

"Can we start the 'party' already?" Nevermind the half naked man in the background of this picture. ;)

Chloe just looked bored out of her mind, lol.

And we finally decided to get our girls kongs. Maya just loves hers, she carried it with her everywhere she went (she even tried to bury it in the carpet at one point).
Chloe investigated hers, but wasn't too interested in it. That is until Maya started messing with it.
Here she is saying, "Hey, that's mine! Get away from that!!!". Too funny!

Happy Birthday to my little girl!


ACDC2005 said...

Happy Birthday little lady! Dogs are so funny with toys, they never want what they get until someone else wants it. Or some other dog wants it. Whatever, they're a someone.

Devri said...

That fist photo is just like the stuffed dog in my daughters bedroom, same pose and everything. lol

happy birthday little dog

hoLLy said...

happy birthday pretty little maya! looks like your parents know how to give you a kickbutt party!

and aren't dogs and kids very much alike? hairy stinky and only want whats not theirs...oh wait, adults are like that too.

Cynthia said...

Happy Birthday Maya she is cute no matter how her hair falls. Chloe is exceptionally cute too and you can tell who's the oldest kid on the block in control of her toys for sure no sneaking anything past Chloe. Where was Charlie during the celebration?

Tara D said...

Well, Charlie was in time-out due to his bad behavior, lol. ;) But then again, he's always behaving badly- that little stinker.

Patty said...

Maya is so cute! It looks like she had a great birthday. Chloe looks kinda sad. I guess she doesn't like Maya getting all the attention!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Happy Birthday Maya. You are one lucky girl to be adopted into such a loving family....but then I am sure you and Chloe(and assorted pets) know that already.

Have a great day Tara. Love, Grammy Lura

Tonya said...

Happy Birthday, what beautiful dogs.