Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girl Time!

My mom was able to come up and visit this past weekend (we gathered together at my sister's place)- I miss her already. But we had a great time! I didn't take a lot of pictures, I'm really bad about that actually. I planned on taking a ton, but that never happened. So pooey!!! :( But here are some of them and unfortunately the majority as well.
Cali waiting for our blueberry muffins. I was waiting for them too. They were divine!
Seriously, I didn't want to post this picture. Not only am I not wearing makeup, but my face is completely distorted and funky. Spare me the "you look fine" comments- I know what my face is supposed to look like and that ain't it. But the two girls beside me are adorable!!!
Ella being her silly self. I think she was telling me something funny. I think it was something about poop. :)
Sweet Cali. For some reason, she reminds me of my little bro, Taylor, in this photo. Not sure why...
Just Aubrey and I
My mom, sister, the girls, my aunt Cindy, aunt Karen, and cousin Kellye, and a friend of Kellye's were lucky enough to attend the Jonas Brothers concert here at the new Cowboy's Stadium. They had a lot of fun. No, I didn't go- didn't feel the need to. lol But I was able to help out with a couple of posters that were made before the concert. Here's Aubrey after completing her poster for Nick. She did such a great job!!!
The final product!And here's Ella's poster that she made with a little help from her mama. Good job, Ella!!!And here's my poster! Kevin needs some love too, I couldn't leave him out. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of the poster that was made for Jordin Sparks (we didn't want to leave anyone out); that poster was a last minute thing. If we'd known Miley Cyrus was to make an appearance, I'm sure we'd have made her a poster, too. We're just cool like that!

And I just had to post this video. While everyone was partying it up and the concert, I had baby duty. She can be really shy at times, so we were all a little unsure of how upset she'd be when she realized everyone had left. Everyone but me, that is. I'm glad that we got to spend some quality time together, as I don't get to see them as often as I would like. She's such a cutie, I love the little expressions she makes. They just don't get any cuter than this! And she was loving that Baby Einstein DVD. Seriously, little ones love these videos.


Abby said...

It looks like you guys had a great time! I love the video of Cali. She's so adorable. I have not had luck with the Baby Einstein videos. Catalina would rather watch Charlie and Lola and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Funny accents and boys. Go figure!

Tonya said...

What a great Aunt! It looks like you had too much fun. Even though you didn't like your photo...

You could see how great you look in the eyes of Holly's kids.

My daughter, Callie, was at the same concert. They got last minute seats about an hour before the concert. You need to check out my blog
To see how close to the stage they were. The pictures I have were actually taken from their seats. At one point and in one picture the girls swear he is looking right at them... Too fun.

The posters turned out great!

Patty said...

The video of Cali was so cute!! I know what you mean about not taking enough pictures. I brought my camera and forgot to use it most of the time. I can't believe our visit is already over. Time just passes too quickly. I will be seeing you in a few months though for Aubrey's baptism. Take care until then!


RD said...

Cali 's expressions are priceless, looks like you both had a lot of fun too. And yes you look just fine.. in 30 years you'll look at the photo and say how did I not know how beautiful I was back then? I promise. Dad

hoLLy said...

oh, i love that video of cali! she was really showing you her true little self, wasn't she? that makes me happy. we were worried she'd freak on you:) sometimes she does that. . .anwyays, thanks again for helping out with the concert and being cali's lil bud! looks like she had a great time with ya.

cyndi/mom/nana said...

I love the picture of her staring into the oven it captures the wonder of a child. How magical life must seem to all of them things we assume and take for granted they all find fascinating.