Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation Cake

Okay, well, I just finished "the cake". My co-worker, Brenda, had me enlisted to do this cake since fall of last year. I have to admit, I was dreading it too. It wasn't too awful, but I'm still disappointed. The picture looked much better. :( I was excited in the beginning, as I was trimming the cakes. They looked much better before I iced them. Too bad! Oh well, here's the before cake.

...and here's the after. Of course there are a total of three cakes here. It looks sloppy to me and not perfectly symmetrical. I just wish the history book had been a little thicker, it looks weird- the lines are all over the place. Anyhoos, I did what I could, and it looks okay I think. The next time I make a cake like this (if I ever do), I'll be sure to change a few things.
I bet it tastes good, though. It's chocolate (of course) with a vanilla cream filling. Yummy!


Tiffany said...

I know what you mean. I have done many a photo shoot and felt like my work was so NOT ON that day. But, I keep telling myself that practice will perfect. Ihave to take a lot of bad photos to teach myself what not to do the next time around. I have taken a lot of BAD photos and it totally inspires me to try to do better next time.

Frankly, your cake doesn't look as bad as you think. But, then again, we are our worst critics ;)

Grammy Staffy said...

I bet your friend loved it. I would love a piece of it. How nice of you to go to all that work for a friend. You are special gal Tara!
Love, Lura


I think it looks great! But then again I'm a guy so my critique is off set a little by the fact that I want to eat it. It may not look as crisp as say an "Ace of Cake" but I'll bet your cake taste way better.


hoLLy said...

well i think its really good! so i don't know what you talkin bout.

Anayansi said...

so impressive. you really have a gift.

Patty said...

Hey, I really like it. Will you make Austin's cake next year? Can you believe he is going to be a senior!