Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Warning: Images may scare small children!!!

Okay, so it's obvious I don't work a whole lot while here at work. Mostly because there aren't a whole lot of people coming in here at work, and partially because we're just lazy. I don't know how Rod got the idea in his head that he wanted to tape his entire face, but he did. So, I did it for him, gladly. And I have to say, he is one scary looking person. Who needs to go out and buy a Halloween mask when you can make one with scotch tape? Here are just a couple of the pictures that I took of him today. Everyone likes to ask on occasion if I like my job-well, the answer is yes. And I don't think I'll be changing that answer any time soon.

Goofy grin

I also stamped his forehead: "Not Used For Purpose Intended". That's the truth!!!

Ew! For some reason this picture kinda grosses me out. I think it's the tongue in conjunction with the scotch tape that weirds me out.
Then I got creative and made this poster. Ah, I love it!
Rodney posing with his poster. I let him take it home so he could give it to his mother. She'd be so proud, and it's a perfect Mother's Day gift don'tcha think?!? "Mom, look at what I did, today!"


hoLLy said...

that doesn't just scare children. it scared me. i need to go change my underwear now.

The Freds said...

Looks like ya'll get too much work done around there.

The Freds said...

Hey Tara try and see if you can comment now. I changed a couple of things. Hope it works. If it doesn't, please let me know on your site that you tried. Thanks

Hirschi Family said...

Looks like your bank hired a bunch of wierdos to work together! Lots of fun and you get paid- it doesn't get better than that!

swainsRus said...

What a job! Maybe there is not much in the likes of "work" getting done but it sure looks like morale is up! Teamwork is always a plus! Plays well with others! All are very important characteristics your developing!