Wednesday, May 14, 2008

August 21st!

Call me crazy, but I've scheduled my Rhinoplasty for the month of August. I think that should give me plenty of time to back out, if I so choose to. And though this is months away, it'll be here soon enough, and I am nervous about it. Nervous about everything really. I've never had any type of surgery before, so this is a first. Thanks to all who have been supportive! You have no idea how much I appreciate that. Just thought I'd share the news. And obviously, the consultation went well. I really like the surgeon, and he was able to answer all the questions and concerns I had regarding the procedure and recovery process. And though I don't like to talk money, I was quite relieved to find out the surgery would cost thousands less than I'd expected. Whew! Well, that's the news!!!


hoLLy said...


what? you said call you crazy! :) he he.

swainsRus said...

If it is something that you really want to do than do it! I so want to! You can do it first and let me know how it goes! Seriously, if you like the surgeon and have checked his credentials and feel that you should do it~ do it!! Enjoy it! After a nose job, I so want to get my eyeliner tatoo-ed on so I don't have to do it every morning! And, heck why stop there! I also want a tummy tuck and since I am going to be out ~ just lift my girls back to where they started from! So see, there are crazier people out there! Good luck Tara! You can do it!

Hirschi Family said...

holly beat me to it!