Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tummy Time!

This isn't Crew's first experience with tummy time, and though he usually lifts his head while doing mini push-ups, today he thought he'd lift his legs instead.  Silly guy! Seriously, that's really all he did until he got tired.  That's when he decided he'd try to take a nap.  So cute!  ...until he got angry.


 "Okay Mom, this is getting lame."

 "I'm just going to nap right here, I think."

"Baby angry!"


hoLLy said...

I loved the "baby angry!" caption! LOL. You funny mama. He is too precious.

Sidenote: Ammon is next to me and pointed to the pic of Charlie and said, "I like that hamster!"

Tara Smith said...

LOL at the hamster comment! :) He was a really big and mean hamster!! Poor Charlie. I miss the stinky rodent.

hoLLy said...

:) I thought it'd make you smile. Hey, why no comment love at my blog? I'm giving you all kinds of love! Hmph.