Wednesday, July 29, 2009

While also in Corpus this past weekend, it was my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad! I didn't have a chance to post anything while at home, so I'm just now getting around to wishing him a happy birthday on my blog. Oopsies! My birthday is this weekend, so we got to have our birthdays celebrated together.
Here's the cake! Those candles burnt faster than any I've seen before. By the time the birthday song had ended, those candles were pretty much gone, lol.

My dad and me (the cake was delicious, btw)

Mom and me

Aubrey anxiously awaiting the birthday festivities

Ella saying "cheese" for the camera

My brother-in-law, Joey, and little Cali (she loves her blankie)

Austin and Taylor (my youngest brothers)

My big sis, Holly, and me

Austin (playing Game Cube or Xbox???)and Chloe bear

Ella and her smile

Taylor didn't really want his picture taken, but at least he was a good sport about it. Chloe didn't mind the photo taking, lol.

My brothers (Austin, Mark, Taylor) and me

And the coolest water slide EVER! I just couldn't help myself, I had to join in on the fun (even though I was the only adult on it that day)

Though the quality of this particular photo really stinks, I just love her little face here.

I have no shame, I know. And no, I wasn't honestly afraid of the kiddie slide, I was just trying to make great photos. Mission accomplished!


Chrystina said...

That cake is yummy looking! And I would be up on that water slide also, so it's not just you!! What fun!!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Rick!!

And yes, Tara, that last photo is priceless. Great job on having no shame... :-)

Patty said...

We're so glad you decided to come down last weekend. We had fun!! I'm glad you liked our slide. Love your last picture. "Priceless" Have a wonderful birthday this weekend!!

Tonya said...

Oh... How fun. I love the pictures. Especially the last one! You are too funny. I really need to meet you one day in person.

Cynthia said...

Cute pictures. Did you video the last shot that would make an interesting You Tube Video. Happy Brithday this weekend.

mango chick said...


hoLLy said...

i took the last pic! there, i had to take credit because it is DA BOMB! :) hahaha. you are so good at facial expressions, i guess you learned them from me. . .

oh, and happy birthday dad! so glad we were all able to be there to celebrate with both of you!