Friday, July 3, 2009

Charlie's other half

Here she is! I think she's such a pretty girl; yep, you probably can't tell the difference between her and Charlie. All prairie dogs look kinda the same, lol. I can tell the difference though. :)

Pretty girl.
And how could I not post a picture of Charlie doing what he does best- napping. I always keep an old t-shirt in his cage. I just throw the shirt in his cage and let him put it where he wants to. He takes the liberty of dragging his "blankie" around where he plans to sleep. He loves his blankie!


hoLLy said...

i can tell a big difference, charlie is ugly. and this one isn't. hahahaha. j/k

enjoy your new friend charlie! (and wow, tara, i didn't know charlie knew his way around the computer! he made a comment on a previous post i see. . .)

Patty said...

She's cute. That one picture reminds me of that funny video that dad posted the other day. I'm glad she likes her blankie!

Tonya said...

Oh... it looks they are going to be quite the pair our little Tilly and Charlie... haha

No hints there.