Monday, July 27, 2009

Corpus Christi

I headed back to my hometown of Corpus Christi this past weekend, and it was wonderful! My bestie, Nicole, had informed me that she would be in town that weekend and it had been a while since I'd seen my family, so it was the perfect time to make a trip back home to see everyone. I took a lot of pictures, so I'll have to break my visit down into several posts. On Friday, Nicole and I went to the beach, a favorite past time of ours. We used to take trips to the beach all of the time when we both lived here. I'm not particularly fond of the beach (it's too sandy for my taste), but I have great memories here nonetheless. It's not quite the same without our friend Lesley, but we made due without her. We miss you, Lesley!!!

A view from my beach towel.

These are our model faces. Notice how serious we are, lol.

Just the two of us

And a trip back home wouldn't be the same without going to my favorite restaurant, Kiko's. They seriously have the best Mexican food EVER!!! No joke.

My first bite of their cheese enchiladas. I was in heaven!!!

And another place we frequented often, La Paletera.

They're known for their fruitcups, but I have always been addicted to their fruity freezes. I LOVE their pina colada freeze. Yummmmm
Thanks Nicole for being my buddy, I miss you and wish you lived closer. Maybe soon you will be... wink wink


Tonya said...

Aren't great girl friends the best! How fun.. I want to walk along the beach and see the ocean.

You two look like you had tons of fun.

and getting to see the family to boot what a great trip!

Nicole said...

Tara, I love being your buddy! I had such a great time. I wish we could hang out more often but that 1500 miles always seem to get in the way!

Chrystina said...

How fun Tara!! I forget about La Paletera!!! They are so yummy!
I usually have to have my fix of fried avacados at La Playa when home! YUMMMMMMM!

Cindy said...

The picture with the sunglasses at the beach ~ were you trying for a "Bella brow" look??? Because that's a pretty good impression.

Patty said...

Those are some really cute pictures of you and Nicole at the beach! I'm glad you two are buddies. Nicole is a good friend. Hey, pina colada freezes are my favorite too!!

Anayansi said... palatera. pina colad is my favorite there too! darn i want want now.

hoLLy said...

i neeeed la paletera right now! NOW I SAY!!!! cute pics of you and nicole. i'm glad you guys got to hang together again, its always fun to reunite with old friends!