Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I don't wanna smell good!

Okay, so I thought I'd post this little video of Maya trying to get her stink on. Yes, I just gave her a bath, so naturally, she wants to get stinky again. Why can't dogs just appreciate the fact that we're trying to help them out?!?

Here she is (after the stink roll) all prettied up!
I guess she blinked, but isn't her dress so cute?!? ;)
And I couldn't leave out Chloe bear. She wanted in on the picture taking, too. Tomorrow she's getting her teeth cleaned; I'm so excited, no more bad breath for Chloe! Yay!!! Maybe I'll take pictures of her pearly whites tomorrow, or maybe not. :P
**Update: I just dropped off Chloe at the vet for her cleaning, and feel so guilty. Well, maybe guilty isn't the right word I'm looking for, but I wonder what she's thinking. She was shaking so badly when we got there, she hates the vet, but what dog doesn't?!? Is she thinking I left her for good and never coming back? Sometimes I wonder what dogs would tell us if the could speak. My poor Chloe, I feel for her right now. I can't wait to pick her up later today; I hope the vet takes extra special care of my sweet girl.


hoLLy said...

that squinty eyed pic of maya looks like she is smiling an evil smile. like she is plotting something against you. . .watch your back tara dear.

Chrystina said...

It would not let me play the video! How sad. But you have cute pics of the up!


Your dogs are cute - savy likes the pics you post of your pups and constantly asks if she can have a dog just like Maya. Sorry I haven't commented lately - I just have to tell you again how amazing you are at cake decorating and if you don't get off you butt and start doing it professionally I am going to have to take some action - Don't let that talent go to waste or go without making some serious moolah!

Patty said...

Bowser does the exact same thing after his bath. I wonder why they do that? I like Maya's dress. I feel bad that Chloe is so scared when she goes to the vet. How did her pearly whites turn out?

-Melissa- said...

Cute pictures! Your dogs are adorable.