Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good News x 2

First of all let me start out by saying how relieved I am that Chloe is healthy. Earlier on this week, I noticed a small lump near her spine on the right-hand side of her body. We kept an eye on it this week, but nothing had changed so we made an appointment for the vet. We took her in this morning, and it turns out to be a harmless lipoma (basically a lump of fat). She was due for her annual checkup too, so we were able to kill two birds with one stone. Other than her teeth needing a serious cleaning, she's in great shape. The vet technician first thought she was much younger than she really is, Chloe was so flattered. That's right Chloe, you're still looking good. Here's my girl, and yes, she needs a bath soon. As for the hair in her face, we're in the process of growing the hair out around her eyes so that we're able to pull it all up out of the way. It hasn't grown out completely yet.

As I was going through the pictures, I found this one of Maya that I had taken of her not too long ago. I thought I would post it. She looks like she's trying to strike a pose, a very serious one, lol.And this was just to cute not to put up either. Her pillow was a Christmas gift from Santa Claus this past Christmas. Can you tell how much she loves it?!? Really, though, she does like the pillow; for some reason she felt the need to sleep beside the pillow this morning. Whatever floats your boat Chlo Chlo! Can anyone figure out where her face is?
Okay, and the second good thing I have to announce is that I have found a new job. Better pay, better opportunities, and I will definitely get more experience. I will still be working at a bank, just a different one. I start in two weeks, and I have to admit that I'm a little nervous. I guess you never really know what to expect, and I'm going to miss my co-workers so much (most of them anyhow). :) You know what's funny, is that each job I've worked at (for the most part), I've felt as though my co-workers have been a second family to me. I can't imagine leaving this family I have now, but yet, half of the people I once thought of in that way I now can't even remember their names. I've forgotten so much about them; does this mean I'll forget the "family" I have now? I sure hope not. I hope I never forget them.


Chrystina said...

Yeah for fatty lumps! She does look great for her age. I was remembering the times that I dog sat her back when Jeremy & I lived in Gary's garage apartment. She was just a puppy then.
We are all here at Kenny's wishing you were with us! Have a great weekend with your man & dogs! Hope to see ya soon!

Cindy Ben said...

Good luck with the new job!! I'm glad Chloe is doing well :)

-Melissa- said...

Glad to hear Chloe is doing good. Cute pictures. Also, good luck with the new job!! Hope you are having a good weekend.

RD said...

I wasn't sure if it was a rug or Chloe. She's a good dog- we miss her around here especially with Bowser the not so well trained dog under foot. He is coming along though.

Great news on the job- good to see you moving (job wise). Change is good.

Love Dad

devri said...

Hey good luck with the new job there lady!!!

Glad she is ok

hoLLy said...

congrats on the new job! and i'm so glad chloe dog is okay-i love that doggy. and the pic of her next to her pillow is pretty darn funny. i guess you've got some very plush carpet there:)

Patty said...

I'm glad Chloe is alright! I am excited for you with your new job and all. Hopefully you will like your new work "family" even better. We missed you over the weekend!