Thursday, December 4, 2008

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My 6 non-important quirks (or shall I say complaints, lol):

1. I have a huge problem with the toilet paper roll in the restroom facing away from me. I don't know why, but I think it should be sitting right beside me, for easy access. I know it's just a few inches further away, but it bothers me still.
2. And most people will agree with me on this, I can't stand slow drivers. But the one thing I really can't stand is when I happen to pull up behind a sportscar at a traffic light (and I'm thinking, "As soon as this light is green I'm going to be outta here!"), and as soon as the light changes, I'm crawling through the intersection while the other lanes of traffic fly right on by me. If you're going to buy a fancy sportscar, drive it like one. I've seen little old grannies drive faster than some of these "race-car" drivers. Geez!
3. Arthur and I get into it sometimes about this next one- handwashed dishes. He prefers to handwash, I prefer the dishwasher. And he's not the only one I've come in contact that prefers to wash by hand either. What is the deal with that? Our argument is how clean the dishes really are. To me, a dish just isn't sanitized properly unless it's been in that super hot steaming bath of water and steam while partying it up with the dishwashing liquid. If you're going to hand wash your dishes, you may as well just lick em clean! Well, maybe not quite...In our household, it's the dishwasher or nothin'!
4. I buy sandwich stuff often, mostly because Arthur likes to make himself sandwiches, but I "think" I like them too. I find myself making sandwiches for my lunches, but I never actually eat them. Here's the deal- I put forward the effort to eat them, but they just taste gross to me each time I try and I end up trashing them. I don't even know why I continue to make myself sandwiches, I guess I'm thinking that one day the sandwich will taste absolutely magnificent. I haven't seen that day yet.
5. Why is it than when you're in a room, sharing space with several others, someone thinks it's okay to spray perfume or body spash? Do they really think everyone in the room wants to smell it?!? Some people have allergies, like myself and can't stand the smell of mostly all perfumes. I wish more people would have common courtesy for those around them, especially when they are in confined spaces and there is nowhere to escape from their torture.
6. I don't really like being read to. Unless you're a professional storyteller, I prefer to read it on my own. This goes with most things, but not everything. Just my preference.

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-Melissa- said...

thanks for playing along. I agree with you about people who have sports car. It drives me crazy when people have fast cars and are slow. :)

hoLLy said...

i love your list of complaints, er, i mean quirks. :)

i think for Christmas, i will read you a special story.

Moon Devious said...

Bless you! forgot that one...

Tiffany said...

Okie doke! I did it. Thanks, That was fun!

swainsRus said...

How true! I agree with the tp~ why do they do that? It was a man! OR when you pass an actual sports car, in your VAN! You are right on Tara!