Sunday, October 26, 2008

8 Things Tag

My mom and friend, Rachel, tagged me with the 8 Things Tag. Here we go:

8 Favorite TV Shows:
America's Next Top Model
Family Guy
Still Standing
The Office
Arrested Development
Project Runway

8 Things I did yesterday:
Found our iPod
Went to work
Broke my car
Had Arthur try to fix my car (didn't work) :(
Took a nap
Took another nap
Didn't work out
Ate cereal for dinner

8 Things I look forward to:
Visiting my family for the holidays
My nose-job
Howie and Tucker being adopted
Moving back to Corpus
Losing weight (we'll see if that ever happens)
My car being fixed
Our carpets being cleaned
Joining Snap Fitness

8 Favorite Restaurants:
Ton's Mongolian Grill
China King Super Buffet
Olive Garden
Miller's Barbeque

8 Things on my wish list:
To become a millionaire (I really wish that one)
That Arthur get a new job already
That one day I can find the man I am supposed to marry
That I can develop a stronger will-power
To be more patient
To have things more organized around the apartment
To have my own backyard
That Chloe could live forever

Tag 8 People:
Tiffany T.


hoLLy said...

i wish chloe could live forever too:( well, we really all do, right? i liked your restaurant list. it was hard for me to narrow it down to 8 because basically i love eating out like, i don't know, EVERYWHERE! :) me a pig.

i'll tell aubrey to check your blog today so she can do the tag too!

Patty said...

I feel the same about Chloe too! It's gonna be really sad when she goes :( Sorry about your car, hope you can get it fixed soon!

cyndi/mom/nana said...

I'm serious before I opened this to make a comment I thought how sweet that she wants Chloe to live forever and I saw Holly and your mom's comment and I was like WOW that's amazing. Anyway, enjoyed reading your lists. I too love to watch Project Runway sad the season is over but reruns are good.