Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Our Duck Pond

So our little pond across the street has had a minor facelift this past week. Along now with a gate to keep visitors out past midnight, they have put in a fountain. I quite like it, I have to say. I was walking the dogs last night, when I noticed the fountain was lit. It was so pretty that I had to take a picture. The picture looks a little foggy, though. I guess I've always had a thing for fountains. I remember one Christmas how I kept on and on about a particular fountain that I wanted. Of course, Santa got it for me; I could just lay on my bed and listen to the water all day if I could. There's just something about the sound that I find really soothing. One day, when I have my own home, I'm going to make sure to have a little pond in my yard complete with a fountain and little fishies. I miss the little fish I kept in Cindy's little pond. Those little buggers weathered several freezes, but were poisoned by leaves. Who knew leaves could be so toxic?



hoLLy said...

very perdy. the second picture you took is pretty cool. like maybe what the swan princess looked like when she was turning into a swan. . .or back into a princess.

i don't know where the heck that came from.

Hirschi Family said...

Wow pretty pond to live near. Lucky! all we have is a small fishing pond across the street and it smells bad!

Tiffany said...

Cool pic (night shot)! Glad to see you're bloggin'. Keep in touch!