Friday, March 28, 2008

Day 2

I'd heard a lot of great things about the Dallas World Aquarium, so that's where Nicole and I went yesterday. Bright and early we headed off for Dallas; the aquarium was pretty neat. They had more of a variety than I thought they would. Of course, it's not nearly as large as the Texas State Aquarium, but it's fairly large. I didn't include any of the photos of the monkeys or sea otters, but they were there too. Those little buggers were just to fast to get a clear shot of. My favorite thing to see was the three-toed sloth. She was just beautiful and so sweet. They had her in this open area along the pathway and I got the best shot of her pretty (and slightly weird looking) face. I now want one of my own...just kidding. Or am I? Hmmm, anyhoos, from there we took off the the Galleria where we spent the rest of the day looking around and shopping. I've never been much for a "mall" person, but I loved it! My feet are still hurting, but I had so much fun shopping with my best friend. She and I picked up a few unnecessary items and called it a day. I was exhausted! But I am ready for another day, which by the way, is our last full day left. Unfortunately, she'll be flying down to Corpus tomorrow morning. Maybe today won't pass by as quickly as yesterday did. Oh, and beware, I posted many, many pictures of the aquarium.

It wouldn't be an aquarium without sharks now would it?!?

Me and Taylor, no just kidding, just me and some random kid

I love seahorses. They're so cute!!!

This background was my favorite; the colors were so bright and cheery.

Here's the sloth. Isn't that face oddly cute. She moved soooooo slowly, she even blinked just as slow. I loved her!

These dragon seahorses were neat to watch. They're very graceful creatures.

He was just waking up here. When he was asleep, he looked like a smushed spider. Eww

Nicole was hungry in this picture, apparently. lol

She didn't end up eating him afterall. He got lucky!

This picture came out pretty neat, I think. It was in one of those archways that I took this shot.

This picture made me smile.

This bird was just chillin' here along the path, so I took a picture with him. Everyone around us then proceeded to also take pictures with him. He's looking at me like he wants to peck my eyes out, creepy.
The monstrosity on my face is one of those unnecessary items I bought from the Galleria Mall. I find them hot, with a capital H-O-T!


hoLLy said...

dye your hair back to blonde and you'll be a total paris hilton double:) he he

we haven't checked out the aquarium yet. looks like a cool place! glad you are having lots o fun! that picture of the turtles made me smile too. those dirty little boogers. :)

Tara D said...

No, no, that's not what they're doing. They just line up like that to get dry. It made me smile because it's cute. LOL

hoLLy said...

i know, i was just keeeding. and for some reason last night, that sentence made me laugh(the dirty booger sentence)

swainsRus said...

I miss the Dallas World Aquarium! Looks like you had a blast! Love the pics! LOVE the sunglasses! Hot stuff Tara!