Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 3, The Final Chapter

Today was a bit of a lazy day. We slept in late (and my feet were grateful for that), and headed out to the movie theater at about 2:00 (p.m., for those of you who are wondering) and watched a movie-The Other Boleyn Girl. Talk about depressing, and it was a bit too vulgar for a PG-13 movie, I think. It left me in a depressed state of mind for like an hour. We strolled through The Parks mall until Arthur got out of work and headed to Ton's Mongolian Grill. For anyone who hasn't been to a Mongolian grill, I recommend it. Arthur and I love that place. On our way home we rented Enchanted because I hadn't seen it yet. It's a really cute movie! These pictures were taken at around midnight and we were a bit tired, just so you know...

"Smile for the camera!"

We were both supposed to be smiling, but I decided to be creative.

Doesn't Nicole look Asian?

I love this one of the both of us. I look like a baby trying to poo, and she looks like she knows it.


So, this was the last little fun we had left. We woke up early this morning and drove to DFW to drop her off. She made it home safely and I miss her already. I had a blast spending time with you, Nicole! Next year the party's in Utah!!!


hoLLy said...

we're getting enchanted soon too. we are probably the last people to watch it.

it looks like you and jackie chan's sister had a great time:) i loved all of your funny face pics. you make quite the pair. sorry she's gone already. i bet you were sad:( but, hey, you and me are hittin six flags soon, right? so we have that to look forward to coming up. well, at least i am looking forward to it!

swainsRus said...

No, I am the last one to watch Enchanted. I have to wait 'til the boys aren't around. Jeremy would shoot me if I let them watch it. His manly pride would be insulted. Love the funny face pics! Glad to know that your funny faces are on purpose. Mine are natural.