Sunday, January 20, 2008

Workin' Like a Dog

Starting a new job is tough. You have so much to learn in the beginning, and your co-workers and complete strangers to you. It's funny thinking back on this now-how I felt when I started working for the credit union. Over a very short period of time, my co-workers had become my best friends and a second family to me. I'm soooo lucky to be able to work with all of them on a daily basis. I can honestly say that I enjoy my job; the atmosphere is very laid back, as you can see in this first picture. Jaylie was in the drive thru when I was taking pictures, so she doesn't have a photo to display. Sorry Jaylie, I'll post a picture of you soon. :)

This is how we spend our days, Myspace and
Girl Scout cookies. Yummmmm

Rachel and I

Rodney (most of all the pranks I do at work are
directed at him) He's a trooper! Thanks for making
me laugh everyday!!!

Me and Chelsea

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hoLLy said...

work it like you own it girl(the credit union that is:)