Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween at Work

Every year at work, we all (well, most of us anyways) dress up in costume for Halloween. It's a lot of fun! This year I wasn't sure I was going to dress up; I even went to look at costumes one day but couldn't find any that I liked. Lucky for me, my co-worker offered to lend me one of her costumes that she'd used one year, and I loved it! Here are just a few pictures I had taken throughout the day-

This is Jaylie, aka THE INDIAN

Jaylie and I

Lynda and myself. I kept forgetting to put my hood on; no one knew what I was without it. :(
Again, I am hoodless. But here I am, with Charlotte (a pirate) and Bethany (Minnie Mouse).

Our group photo! You can kinda see the whole outfit I had one if you look closely; at least I remembered to put on my hood. :)
I hope everyone had a great and safe Halloween last night. And I also hoped you remembered to set your clocks back an hour this morning.


Grammy Staffy said...

What a fun group you have at work.
I did forget to change my clock last night. It turned out that I was up, showered and dressed for church an hour early....bummer...I could have really used that extra hour of sleep!!!!

Have a great week. LOve, Lura

Tonya said...

LOVE the Costumes. Looks like a great group of people to work with.

Chrystina said...

Great costumes! That does look like a fun place to work!! And I love your eskimo costume!! Cute! Nice pick Tara!!

Cindy said...

Cute costume!! Sorry, but I still hadn't figured out what you were until I saw Chrystina post it in her comment, I'm slow..... :-)

hoLLy said...

you are the cutest leetle eskimo i ever did see.