Monday, October 12, 2009

Photos from the Fair

We probably picked one of the rainiest days to attend the Texas State Fair, but I'm glad that we did. It rained a few times throughout the day, but it wasn't enough to damper our plans. If anything, this rain kept the crowds away, and we never had to wait in line for anything. The cool breeze was a plus, as well. It was a great day! Unfortunately, because of the rain, I didn't have my camera out for most of it. So yeah, I didn't take too many photos. Oh wellsy...
The fried food was great, as always. I think I may have gained like 10 pounds from the deep fried pecan pie, Fletcher's corndogs (which are fab, btw), fried bbq egg rolls, ice cream, and fresh lemonade. I decide to pass on the fried butter this year. It just didn't sound appetizing to me. Ew!
Big Tex!

And how could I not take a picture of the ferris wheel?!? Preetty.
Nope, I did not ride this thing. For one, it's scary looking, and two, the weather was just too unpredictable that day for me to even consider it.

A view from the Texas Skyway (looking down on Midway Park)

I couldn't help myself! That booty was just too pinchable for me to resist. ;)

Arthur in front of the Esplanade

A big storm was supposedly coming in (it was supposed to be really bad). It looked very scary!

Check out those awesome clouds! The sky was even green, though you can't see it from these photos.
But it only got a little windy and then rained for maybe 5 minutes or so. Bummer! This is what the sky looked like minutes after. Blue and just gorgeous!

And of course, me being the animal lover I am, we just had to head on over to the livestock petting area to check out the animals. This is one of my favorite pictures, this little kangaroo is just taking it easy. He's like, "Hey, what are you looking at?!?"

Then he finally decided to grace us with his presence and came out for a quick peek. I just wanted to yank him outta there and cuddle with him. :) Of course, you know I really wouldn't do that, lol.

When I took this picture, all I saw was the cute camel, now all I see is poo. Where did this poo come from?!? Oh wait, I know the answer to this.

I like to call this photo- THE STAREDOWN. The camel won, btw. And nope, there wasn't any spitting involved (I told Arthur he'd get in trouble for spitting on the camels).

And last but not least, here's a photo of an up and coming Elsie the cow. She was so precious and had the most beautiful little face.
All in all, the day was great! We bought little souvenirs here and there, loved the food sampling, the music, and the shows were great, too. I highly recommend the Kroger Birds of the World show, in case you're nearby.


Devri said...

So my question besides, not only did you missed the poo, how did you not smell it?!

But- did you ride that big scary ferris wheel, cuz ya know, I am the crazy-estest roller coaster rider and amusment park freak, but I am deathly afraid of ferris wheels... so what!?!

That storm looked scary, glad it didn't show its true side of itself..phew!

hoLLy said...

love that booty pinch:) niiiiice. we still have yet to go to the state fair-we're lamos! every saturday in september and october gets booked so fast(either that, or we have sick children it seems). anyways, glad y'all had fun!

Grammy Staffy said...

I love the pictures. I know that you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Come on over an see what John has been up to now.
Hugs, Lura

Patty said...

Wow, I've never seen a Kangeroo in it's mother's pouch! At first I thought it was giving birth! lol I've never been to a fair before. I'll have to go to one someday. I'm glad you had a great time!!

Chrystina said...

How fun! We always wanted to go but the opportunity never came. Love your pictures!! Especially you pinching the cowboy's hiney!! Cute baby camel & kangaroo!!

Tonya said...

Wow what great pictures. The day we were going to go. It was raining cats and dogs. Too fun.

ACDC2005 said...

Wow the sky looks incredible in some of those pictures! It doesn't even look real! I'm glad you were safe and had fun! My fave pic is definitely the booty pinching one!