Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Quad.

I recently came across a woman who'd come to have these four little fur babies. She was unable to care for them, and was about to take them to the shelter. I just couldn't let her do it, and of course, have now taken them in until permanent homes can be found for them. I had no idea what they looked like, what condition they were in healthwise, or even how friendly they were. I got lucky! They're not only healthy and full of life, but adorable. Not everyone likes a black cat, but I think these babies are the cutest little black kittens ever. They love to be pet, they purr all of the time, and most of all LOVE to play. All four babies are little girls. :)

This is little Molly. She's short-haired, but soooo soft. One of the softest! And has these big expressive eyes.
And this kitty had my heart from the very beginning. As soon as I let little Maggie out of her crate, she just cuddled in my lap and purred away. She's very friendly and has medium length fur. So sweet!
And here's little Lulu (the smallest of the sisters), meeting Maya for the first time. I don't think she likes her much, lol.

Maggie, again.
Maggie playing with her sis, Tilly/Lilly (I haven't decided which name I like better).

And here's Lulu again.
And this is Tilly/Lilly, the most magnificent of them all. She's a beauty, and very sweet as well. Ms. Tilly/Lilly and Maggie are the sweetest of them all.

Lulu and Maggie were tired after a long evening of play and one delicious dinner.


Cindy said...

Ahhhhh, they're adorable. I like Lilly...

hoLLy said...

your first sentence confused me-i thought you were talking about a lady and her actual babies. . .then i kept reading. then i stopped hating that woman.

hoLLy said...

cutie kitties!

Tiffany said...

Tara strikes again! I think you should open your own pet shop...that ALSO bakes birthday cakes for dogs :) You could totally do it!! WHy not expound on ALL of your talents and make lots of money at it!

Tonya said...

Ahh.. I am changing your name to Doctor Doolittle. You are so good to and for animals.

They are so cute!