Saturday, August 22, 2009

Boy Falls Asleep on Power Wheels

It was too cute that I just had to post it. :)


Grammy Staffy said...

That is so funny... I am glad he wasn't on the freeway!!!

hoLLy said...

i don't know if its because its almost midnight but i laughed out loud at that! every time the car would start to move, i'd die laughing. i almost felt bad for him because it looked like he was getting whiplash! and then the giggling of the parents, the girl standing by not sure how to react, and the dad saying "good morning" were also priceless. ahhh, thanks for the laugh tara.

Tonya said...

Thank you for the great laugh.. That was too funny. I knew it had to me a man taping it a mother would of got him off long before.

Oh.. I can not stop laughing.

I love the good morning comment at the end.

Patty said...

That was funny! I can't believe they would just let him drive like that though. No telling what he could have driven into in that state!

Cindy said...

I wonder if he had a seatbelt? because he was pretty dang close to falling out of that thing. Just proves to show that driving while sleeping is just as bad as DWI...poor thing. And I agree with Tonya, it definitely was a man taping it :-)

Shauna said...

LOL! I still haven't heard from you for winning on my blog. Please come and see you won and send me your mailing address this morning :)

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