Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mr. Bug's Photoshoot

He looks a lot bigger than he really is. I'm guessing he's only about five to six weeks of age- tiny little thing. We have yet to find his litter mate, and I'm not sure we ever will. I love him so much already that I'm considering keeping him. I probably won't because of my situation, but I sure wish that I could.

I have a photo similar to this one of Tucker (one of my first foster kitties).

Here it is! Little Tucker. :)

One of my favorites.

Just one of those crazy shots you get once in a while, lol. ;)

Yeah, I was messing with Photoshop, seeing what I could do with it some. This photo along with the one below it are my absolute favorites. And I didn't even put him here, he must have known this would make for some great photos. You go Bug!

The look of innocence. Love it!

By the time I finished, he was sooooo tired. Poor little baby. And below is a little video for your viewing pleasure. He's so precious, this one.


hoLLy said...

that crazy face picture is a riot! he is pretty cute. too bad i'm allergic to the little boogers.

Tonya said...

Loved the sleepy face picture. Callie loved the pictures and the video. He is precious.

Grammy Staffy said...

He is so cute....and you are a good photographer...darling pictures

Anayansi said...

very cute!

Grammy Staffy said...


I did not know you and I share a birthday during the same week until I read your mom's blog today.

I hope that you had a very happy birthday...just think we would almost be twins .... if there were not 40 some odd years between

Cindy said...

What a cutie. And great job with the pictures! You're becoming a pro.

Chrystina said...

Those are some CUTE pictures Tara!!!

Chrystina said...

The boys love this funny bear song, we've had to play it a lot now.