Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Big Birthday Bash!!!

This weekend I had the privilege of spending my birthday weekend with most of my family (my dad wasn't able to be there :(). I drove up Friday night, to get my last book of the Twilight series at Wal-Mart at midnight. Saturday, my mom, sister, youngest niece Cali, and I went to Olive Garden for lunch. It was so delicious! Thanks Mom!!! We then came home where I was soon quarantined while they prepared the most awesome birthday party, or concert? shall I say. When they were FINALLY ready for me (I had fallen asleep upstairs actually and didn't mind at all), I came down the stairs to the sounds of Hannah Montana blasting through the living room. Rather than a tiara, I received a Hannah Montana headset to wear during the party, I loved it Holly. I almost wore it to bed last night even, then decided it might be painful. After the chocolate cake, funny tasting ice cream, and presents, there was karaoke. I only sang a couple of tunes, which was a good thing to all who were there. :) Good times! We then finished the night with an evening swim. The swim was nice and relaxing, minus the whiff of dead animal nearby. We thought about looking for the carcass, but then thought better of it. It's better to let it rot in peace, as I always say. Always...cause I'm always finding rotten carcasses. We finished my "birthday" day with some good ole Balderdash. My family always gets a kick out of that game; we can come up with some crazy stuff, and I always laugh so hard at the definitions we come up with. I could so go for another round right about now, but alas, I am at work yet again. poo. And Sunday, my grandmother, grandfather, uncle Randy, and aunt Cindy came over for hamburgers and hotdogs. It was great that we got to spend time together, though I may have been reading while we socialized. C'mon, it's a good book, I couldn't help myself. Later that night, we played Sardines. For those of you who've never played that game, it's basically hide-and-go-seek backwards. One person hides, and everyone else seeks. When you find the hidden person, you hide along with them; the last person who is left will find everyone else crammed into the hiding place like sardines. :) It's a fun game that we like to play. It was sad to see my mom and brothers leave yesterday morning. I miss them already. Thanks guys for such a great weekend and for making all my dreams come true. I've always wanted to be Tara Montana for a day. It was great!

Me, Cali with cracker, and Holly in front of Olive Garden after our delicious lunch. I just love their stuffed Chicken Marsala. I highly recommend it!

Notice how my mom had leftovers to take home. I did not. I was too freakin' hungry and ate like a P-I-G, seriously.

Here's the kitchen as the festivities began (music in the background). Napkins galore!!!

The cake made me crack up. Holly is just so creative isn't she. She cut out my face and pasted it over Hannah Montana's while my mother decorated the rest of the cake. Good job, ladies!

I LOVED my headset. Ella loved it more. Whenever we got to the karaoke part of the evening, she wore it and sang like she was truly giving her own concert. She was so cute.

Ella, Aubrey, and myself posing for a picture.


hoLLy said...

i'm glad you liked being tara montana for the day. we enjoyed throwing the party fo sho!(especially the girls) i was laughing so hard when i was taping your face to the cake topper. i almost peed. and thanks for complimenting my creativity:) glad you had a great birthday celebration with us and that we didn't disappoint! miss ya!

Yvonne Kizerian said...

Ok, I absolutely love that cake. I could just eat your face off! :) Seriously, though, your Mom and sister did a superb job! :)

hoLLy said...

you need to add hannah montana music to this post. that would rock man.

hoLLy said...

"rock star" would be perfect(seeing as that was the song we selected for your entrance:)

familyRus...4ever said...

HA!! I love it! I love when you girls get together~ it is always a blast. And I'm just reading about it!! Happy Birthday Rockstar Tara! So..what about the book?! What do you think? I like it! Surprised, but loving it.

ACDC2005 said...

Loved the cake! I haven't played balderdash in a long time, but it is fun! Sounds like you had a blast!

Grammy Staffy said...

I'm glad that you had such a nice birthday celebration..... your sweet family certainly went all out for you.

How nice.... Of course all of your blog friends were sending you love too.

Patty said...

I'm glad I was able to spend your birthday with you! Boy, your pictures are alot better than mine. They are so clear!