Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why this photo?

Here's a shot from the actual surveillance camera taken from the robbery this past Monday morning. They had this published in the newspaper yesterday. As you can see, he was armed; I don't know why they chose this shot to publish in the paper, though. I know this is hard to see for some of the employees here. This moment caught on tape is especially difficult for the teller behind the suspect. You see, the man forced to the ground with the gun at his head was the teller's son coming to drop off her car keys. He'd just stopped in for a second, when the armed robber stormed in. What I don't understand is why they chose that photo to publish, when the suspect removed his mask as he walked out. I know for a fact that there is a clear shot of his face that should have been published in the paper over this one. The police investigators and news media are supposedly asking for help from the public in identifying this suspect, however, they put the worst picture possible up. You can't see even part of his face. It just doesn't make any sense!!! And we aren't too happy about it over here.


hoLLy said...

the robber is obviously a complete idiot for the following reasons:
1. a rifle? why not a shotgun. c'mon!
2. holding the rifle to someone that isn't an employee, whats the point of that?
3. taking off the mask in the credit union.
4. he's not even holding the rifle correctly. he looks like he is playing miniature golf.
5. he's robbing a bank. punk loser.

yeah, and i agree about the picture. you can't see his face! c'mon newspaper people, get a brain already. thats scary how close he had that gun to your co-workers son. yikes. so glad no one was hurt. hope the police catch this punk soon.

swainsRus said...

WOW! I agree w/Holly he is an absolute loser. You are 100% right- HOW ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO IDENTIFY THIS IDIOT?? May someone recognize him and put him in his own personal suite with bars and no parole!

Hirschi Family said...

THe media is stupid, almost as stupid as the retard that did this criminal act!