Monday, April 28, 2008

Road to Recovery

Okay now, since I've started fostering Howie and Tucker they've had very upset stomachs. Which means, there have been lots of yucky and scary messes to go along with it. Not pleasant! And I won't go into details; you're welcome. I had called the rescue organization (middle of last week) to ask them about it and to find a solution to their problems, only for them to tell me that I was probably overfeeding them and needed to feed less and dilute their formula a little as well. Apparently, alot of people overfeed their kittens. So, I did as they suggested and still after a couple of days, no change. It was frustrating and those kittens didn't like it when bottle time was cut short. They also weren't gaining weight during those couple of days either. They're both underweight for their age right now. So, against the advice they had given me, I started feeding them more, like I had been in the beginning, and though things haven't changed for their little tummies, they are putting on more weight as they should. I spoke with the rescue group again today, going into detail what exactly the problem was and how I had ruled out the possibility of overfeeding as the cause. She agreed with me and after lots of questions, has determined that they have a bacterial infection, called Coccidia. Yesterday, I had been looking online trying to get some answers, and this was the one thing that stood out to me, Coccidia. I had a feeling that was it, and sure enough, it looks like it is afterall. Fortunately, it's treatable and not contagious to humans or adult dogs. She's sending antibiotics today and I should have them tomorrow. It'll probably be another week or longer until they're all better and feeling like themselves again. I hope they get to feeling better real soon. I'll post some pictures for your enjoyment.

Howie isn't exactly photogenic, and the fact that I took this one after bath time doesn't help, I know. This was just too hilarious not to post. He was crying through the whole bath. He did not like this one bit! And fyi, he is a very cute kitten, but it just is hard to show in pictures. I'll try real hard to take a really good one of him soon. :) Sorry Howzas!

Here's Tucker's bath photo. This is his worst picture to date.

Here's Tucker giving my hand a smooch. Thanks Tuck!

Howie snuggling up beside me. He was still a little chilled from his bath here.


hoLLy said...

yikesy howie! thats one ugly feller(i know he isn't really though:)

hoLLy said...

wow, that picture of tucker is even worse! that is hilarious.

but that last picture of howie has redeemed him. he is actually quite cute when hes not screaming and wet!

Hirschi Family said...

Sick kitties don't sound fun, glad you hopefully figured out the prob. Funny pics btw!

Hirschi Family said...

Question - are your other children jealous of the attention you are giving to the kittens?

Tara D said...

No, they love the kitties as much as I do. lol I think Chloe likes them at least, she likes to step on them and make them fall, but she gives them kisses. I'm not sure if that's love or not, but I'd like to think it is.