Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Plastic Surgery?

So, I've been playing with the idea of possibly getting my nose done. A nose job, I mean. Yeah, yeah, my nose gives me character, whatev. I'm just thinking about it for now. Nothing serious. I found this site online that allows you to morph your face (see what you'd look like with a few changes). What do you think? In this first photo, I actually got a little carried away and also filled in my lips a bit and removed my double chin (mostly). he he

Here's the side profile where I did more than just my nose.

This one I'm adding way later than I originally posted this post. I was just playing with this photo to see how I'd look in it. I just can't help it!!! And of course, since I like this one, I just added it on, again.

This one was a bit more difficult, but I just did my nose here. I really like it! Just a subtle change, not too drastic. That's all I'm looking for.

This one is my favorite. I LOVE it!!!

This is the third time I've added to this post. I keep finding new photos I want to morph. This is one of my favorites. Now for the fun before and afters. Below are some that I had fun with. I definitely do not want to look like any of these photos.

Too narrow

Too smushed


hoLLy said...

i think the last one is scary looking. the second set is best.

however, i think you are crazy to consider someone taking a knife to your face! that is too scary. one sneeze, and that nose of yours is gone.

you are beautiful, so stop talkin bout this stuff!

hoLLy said...

also, that third picture(the before shot) doesn't even look like what your nose looks like in real life anyways. the camera did that. seriously.

hoLLy said...

oh my gosh, you've added more! you've outdone yourself tara. i laughed out loud! see, thats why you don't want to do it. that could happen to you!

swainsRus said...

I think that you are gorgeous the way that you are! But if you do have it done let me know how it goes! I have always wanted mine done! Good luck!!

Hirschi Family said...

Tara, I love you and you are beautiful just the way you are! Love the last 2 before and afters.