Friday, April 11, 2014

Mommy and Me

 Just wanted to post a few pictures of me and my boy.  I don't think I take enough pictures of the two of us, so I'm glad I did this. 

 Disappointed that this one came out blurry, because it's one of my favs.  I still love it though.

 I don't know what happened here, lol.  I didn't realize I had a crazed look in my eyes until I reviewed the playback.  Yikers!
I don't remember doing this either. 
He was tired of pictures...or my face.  You can only stand to look at such beauty for so long, afterall.  My beauty is a gift.  You're welcome.  (Just kiddin')


Grammy Staffy said...

Your beauty is a gift sweet Tara. I love all the darling pics. Your blessed to have a darling boy. I'm so happy for you. Thank you for the kind comment You left me today. You are special to me. Hugs, Grammy Lura

hoLLy said...

LOL at the second to last picture!!!!!!!! seriously LOL'd on that one. AWESOME. you are an amazing mom. he knows he is loved for sure!!! even when his mom looks crazed and hungry enough to actually eat him. "mommy scary!" hahahaha. seriously though, you take such good care of him. proud of you :) i'm loving all the posts!!!