Saturday, March 22, 2014

The (little) Man Chair

I'm going to just tell you right now, pretty much every post of mine from now on will be about my son.  There it is.  :)  So, in keeping with the pattern of posting baby pictures, here is more Crew...hanging out with Daddy, in his crib, and in his "man" chair.  ;)
 This picture, as adorable as it is, breaks my heart.  So sad!  :(  I was talking to him and trying to get him to look at the camera (making silly faces and noises), and somehow I upset him.  Oopsies. 
 Crew and Daddy watching Spongebob

 And these photos just crack me up.  He is just so chill in them, and I didn't place his arm over the side of the little kiddie chair either.  He came up with this pose all on his own.  Ha!
And, the outlet on the wall is much further away than it appears, lol.  He cannot reach it (and they will soon be baby-proofed)!  Oh, the things to look forward to when this kid becomes mobile. 


hoLLy said...

man! i just left a really long comment and got an error message. blerg!
it said something like "yeah sure, i think you posed him, then he stuck his finger in the socket, got a little shocky, then rolled off the chair." LOL. i'm funny.

okay, really though, some of your best work yet! i always love your crew pics!! he is adorable and you capture some great moments. keep the baby pics coming! thats all i need! i hated all your animal pics anyways.

hoLLy said...

that was a joke :) i'm in one of those whacky moods. its the broken butt talking.

Tara D. said...

LOL, why you so mean? :)