Monday, March 31, 2014


 We recently spent the weekend over at my sister's home, where we celebrated Joey's birthday, visited, and had so much fun together (Medieval Times, roasting hot dogs and smores, plus a wicked dance party).   It was nice to get away, even if just for a short time.  Surprisingly, the baby did great in the car.  Considering that it was a good eight plus hours driving, he was pretty much an angel.  Very unexpected, indeed.  :)  I miss my family already; it's always the worst having to say goodbyes.  I really wished they lived closer.  While there, Crew got to play with lots of the kids toys from when they were little.  One of these toys was a jumperoo (the same one, in fact)!  He really seemed to enjoy it, though he's still pretty little.  I looked and looked at different ones upon getting home from my sister's, but the reviews had this one pegged as the favorite.  So...I had to get it; plus, it matches his jungle themed decor in his room.  Sorry Holly, but you have excellent taste.  :)  Here are some pics I took of him earlier today in it.  I just think they're precious. 

Life just doesn't get much sweeter than this.  I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful little boy!


Grammy Staffy said...

He is a darling baby.... you are blessed to have him and he is blessed to have you.

Don't you wish they made adult size jumpers so we could have that much fun!

Hugs, Grammy Lura

hoLLy said...

lol at lura's comment! that would be awesome. that jumperoo was one of the best purchases we ever made! the boys LOVED it. just wait till hes even older and can't really get hoppin..its hilarious!! wish they had that when the girls were little, so nice to have another option of something to do with them. add it in that daily rotation:) i remember being like, ok, hold him, swing, blanket, hold him, jumperoo, blanket, bouncer, etc :) thats life when you are mama. he is precious and i'm glad he enjoys it! seems between 4-5 months is when we first stuck em in and they would enjoy just kinda hangin out and messing with stuff. around 6-9 months is when its absolutely perfect. then you'll have a tigger. a violent tigger.

hoLLy said...

*can get hoppin. not can't :) and one more comment: he'll get going so crazy that you'll swear he is going to blast off to the moon. so funny.