Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Bath-time Beauties

Yesterday we gave the girls a much need bath. They were looking a bit ratty! Here's both of their before and afters. :)

She loves being wrapped up in her towel after a bath. One time I had to bathe her outside, she got loose and ran around the backyard covered in soap suds. The only way I was able to catch her was to hold out the towel, then she came running back as fast as she could. She's a silly ole' gal!

"Did you just say 'cheese'?"

My angel!...the other one is in the background.

She was starting to give me the stink eye, so this was one of the last pictures I took of her. Maybe she didn't like the flash, who knows.

hee hee

Though this shot didn't get her whole face, I really liked the picture. She almost looks fake to me.

She was actually whining when I took this picture. She didn't like that Chloe was taking a bath, I think she felt sad for her. Bath time is not their favorite!


Jan's Blog said...

Hello: Thank you so much for visint and commenting on my blog. I've really enjoyed visiting yours as well. I was just noticing that these two little dogs have more human expressions than any dogs I've ever seen before. They are absolute beauties!

hoLLy said...

oh yeah, chloe was totally giving you the stinkeye! shes like, get that camera outta my face woman! :) maya looks hilarious(cute of course) but hilarious because of her little grin. its like she is totally smiling!

Cindy said...

That first picture looks nothing like Chloe, but she does clean up pretty good, I must say. I miss her!!

Patty said...

They sure look perdy now!!

Grammy Staffy said...

Oh they are so cute. I gave our german shepard Heidi a bath yesterday too. She hates it. I'd send you her picture but she is pure black and just doesn't look pretty in a photo.....but...don't tell her. I wouldn't want to hurt her loving heart. She is my 100lb. 4 legged daughter...she doen't know that she is a dog.... I bet that yours don't either...I won't tell them.

-Melissa- said...

Your dogs are so cute! My dog hates getting baths, which reminds me I need to give her one soon. :)

swainsRus said...

These pups are cute! Almost tempting enough to want one myself! You are such a good mommy to them!

ACDC2005 said...

They look absolutely gorgeous after their baths! You should be a professional!!