Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Water Gardens

 We went to the Water Gardens yesterday and took a few photos.  The visit didn't exactly go as planned, as he would not be still for even just a second.  I guess that's how it is with toddlers, though.  Ha!  Here are just a handful of the shots we got.  He's hardly ever actually looking at me, but I think we still got some pretty cute pictures. 

 Daddy wrangling the wild baby

 He had only a couple of meltdowns while we were there.  Mainly because he didn't want to be held.  He just wanted to run!  Hahaha

 I love this photo, even though he's running away from the camera.  :)

 Contemplating life.

 Had to tickle him to get him to smile.  Whatever works, right?!

I think he's done with picture taking.  We left soon after, lol.  :)

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hoLLy said...

Ammon just said, "Aw, Crew looks cute!" :) I agree. I bet he was running like the as a bird! Probably gave yall a good workout:) Great pics!