Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Crew's Baby Blessing

  It only took us seven months, but we finally had Crew blessed (June 22nd to be exact).  Holly, Joey, and the kiddos (Zac too) were able to come down the week of the blessing, so it was extra special to have the whole family in attendance.  I am so thankful to Joey (my brother-in-law) for agreeing to bless little Crew, too.  It was beautiful!  We took photos afterwards, but my Uncle Ronnie managed to escape before we busted out with the camera.  Ha!  Unfortunately, he is missing from the first picture.  Just pretend he is there.  :)  Enjoy some photos of the wonderful day with some other family photos thrown in the mix, as well. 

Bishop Sturgis, Joey holding Crew, Austin, Mark, and invisible Ronnie Boyd
Thanks guys for being a part of this special day with us!

 Joey and Crew

 Our little family

 Us with Arthur's parents

 Us with my parents

 The Smith Family...and beyond

 The Goodes (and Adamis)

 Cake Time!

 Don't be jealous of my ninja skills

 Daddy and Crew (such handsome boys)
 Auntie Holly and Crew

 Cousin Aubrey with Crew

 Cousin Ella with Crew

Cousin Cali holding Crew

All of the grandkids together

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hoLLy said...

aw, perfect pics! i LOVE the ones of you with the spatula! LOL. you crazy mama you. i love how arthur is looking away and crew looks irritated. and you are just standing smiling with a spatula. hahahaha. and that one picture of arthur's mom with ammon is so precious! she is such a sweet lady. his whole family is awesome. you lucked out! thanks for sharing so many wonderful pics. it was a great day and an honor for joey :) congrats crew!