Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Overdue

So, I meant to post this back in September, oops. I think it's clear I'm not really the blogging kind anymore; I'd like to at least try and blog maybe once a month though. I feel awful for slacking, especially since I actually had things to post about. :/ So here we are, photos of the day (and days following) the birth of Ammon. Just my mom, me, and the three little ladies for a little while. It was great to be able to be there and to spend time with them and to be there when Ammon arrived.

I can't remember exactly what day this was, but aren't they gorgeous!?!

And THE FORT. We all crawled and had a blast in this fortress of pillows and blankets. Even I had lots of fun in it. That is, until my fat booty got stuck somewhere near the toybox. Cali was not sympathetic. She just wanted me out of her way. LOL

Here's Miss Ella making her way through the maze.

Silly faces anyone?

Aubrey and I

Me and Ella

And me and Cali, doing what Cali loves best- eating candy. :)

Ella and my mom

And while the older kids were in school, my mom and I took Cali to the mall. We wanted her to have her own special day, as she was really missing her mommy and daddy by now. She loved playing in the kids' play area and even made a special friend that day.

Holly and Joey finally arrived home with the newest addition to their family, Ammon.

And finally, Joey and his son. How sweet is this picture! I asked Holly how easy the delivery was this time around, this is what she had to say:

Holly, don't kill me please, lol. The only photos I had of you were apparently all a little like this. Good times, good times. And just to show what a good sport I am, I'll post a crazy one of me too. hee hee

I got a little carried away with the candy corns. Hey, at least the kids thought it was funny. ;)


hoLLy said...

ahhh, good times. i'm cool with ugly pictures of me on the world wide web. its me people. deal with it:) and i do have to say my pic is way worse than yours! but thanks for trying to ease the pain. . .

anywaysey, thanks for posting this! i had never seen these pictures. it was nice to see what you guys did while i was off havin a baby:) thanks for all of your help!

hoLLy said...

and p.s. the delivery this time around was definitely not a thumbs up! ouchie. that was one big baby.

Cynthia said...

Cute pictures Tara. Thanks for helping out with the kiddos while our newest grandson was on his way to us all. Love the fort and all the fun you guys had glad you were able to help out with your mom.

P.S. Have you ever heard the song that your blog is so named well I'm not sure you named it after a song but there is a song by Perry Como and it is called Hot Diggity just a trivia thingy. Take care.

Grammy Staffy said...

So nice to see the pictures even if they are a bit late. Don't we all agree with the saying "Better late than never."

Welcome back. I've missed you.
Hugs, Lura