Monday, September 28, 2009

For Debbie

I am posting this for a friend of mine, Debbie, who has recently discovered she has stage 2 breast cancer. Please head on over to her blog and give a dollar if you can. Their hope is to reach 100,000 people. One dollar from each person can make such a difference. So please, if you can and are able, please donate a dollar for not only Debbie, but for a great cause as well. I hope Steve, Debbie's son, doesn't mind if I quote him on this, but this is what he had to say- "I've named this movement: 'A Dollar for Debbie'. The idea is to ask people to just donate one dollar upon visiting the site. Our goal is to get 100,000 visitors to the website to donate 1 dollar. 10% will be donated to MD Anderson and 90% will be donated to fund Mom's bills. Anything left over will be given to fund breast cancer research. Nobody else gets a cent, that's the idea, very simple." Please also keep Debbie and her family in your prayers and head on over to her blog to donate if you can. Anything can help and would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


Tonya said...

Wow what a great friend! I will check it out!

Devri said...

That is sad, sorry for your friend, and I will check it out, thanks for letting us know! Prayers for her!

hoLLy said...

i need to post this on my blog too!good idea!

and i donated!