Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photocopy Me

Don't I look so angelic?!? I like to think so. I wasn't smiling at first (in the last photo), but then started laughing while I was being photocopied, lol. Whoops! I tried my hardest not to press my face up against it, as I don't know who or what has been copied on this thing, but I failed miserably (ewie). You never know! Hee hee So yes, my nose looks a bit smushed in the first photo, that's not what my new nose looks like for real, lol. I gotta get myself one of these bad boys!


Shankar said...

You look like you're enjoying the smell in the first one. Let's hope no one was photocopying their butt right before you were using it.

devri said...

I tell you this out of love...

You look dead... But I think you are a hotty alive, so stay that way ok

Tara D said...

Yes, Shankar, that is what was going through my mind as well. lol

hoLLy said...

the pictures are a little eerie and yet somewhat angelic combined. i've never photocopied anything on my body before, i've heard it zaps brain cells. too late for you! :) he he.

p.s. i love your new profile pic. you look GORGEOUS.

Chrystina said...

I love your new profile pic also!!
NOW, Shankar is hilarious!! Right on Shankar, that was the best!
ANd yes, you do look angelic!

Nicole said...

Oh, Lordy! You have too much time on your hands.

ACDC2005 said...

Haha, your faces are so great!

Patty said...

I would have never thought of doing that in a hundred years. Where did you get the idea?

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